Types of  Email Add-ons  That You Can  Use

Cloudways has a number of add-ons that are associated with emails. This article shall tackle available options in order for you to better understand which one can work best for you.

Transactional emails are automated emails that are activated by user activities. These activities comprise shipping confirmation; password reset link, notifications, as well as updates.

You can use a third-party service for safe email delivery. This is because directly sending email from cloud servers is not dependable.

There are questions that are often asked that we are going to look at.

Mutually Using SMTP Add-on (free) and Elastic Email add-on on the same server

You can only use one of the above transactional email add-ons on your server. its either you will choose the SMTP Add-on (third-party service) or you will choose to activate the Elastic Email Add-on.

Using  a different sender email address for Various Applications While Using the same transactional email service

You can use a different sender email address for numerous applications. First, you will need to  configure at your application level.

The sender email address that you choose for your application has to be confirmed, you can do this by  adding an SPF and DKIM TXT record at your domain registrar’s DNS management panel.

Can You Use  Rackspace with the SMTP Add-on

 Rackspace is for mailboxes, it is used for sending and receiving emails, transactional email services on the other hand are used for outgoing emails from your server.

Rackspace service is configured with a rate limit of outgoing emails. This means it is not appropriate for automated, mass volume transactional emails.

Why  emails are sent from my Application gOING into the spam folder of recipients

  Make sure that the dispatcher address being used for your domain and the FROM header are fixed appropriately. They are appropriately fixed,  then make sure that the right SPF and DKIM DNS records are configured on your domain registrar. 

Can  You Use Different transactional email providers for various applications on the same server 

The free SMTP Add-on  places the default transactional email provider at the server level. This means  all applications in that precise server will use the same provider.

If you decide to use different transactional email providers for numerous applications,  using plugins like WP Mail SMTP for WordPress as well as Mageplaza SMTP for Magento 2.x, you can do so by using precise plugins/extensions on your application.

Can You Use Gmail for outgoing server email

 You can use Gmail if you have  low volume outgoing email. To configure it, you can use theKB. This service however has an estimated limit of 500 emails per day. It also has a maximum of 500 recipients per email. You will need a third party service for mass volume email

Can You use SMTP Port 25 for outgoing emails

 Cloud hosting providers  bar outgoing SMTP port 25 by default based on  security grounds.  Vultr and Google are examples of cloud hosting providers that bar outgoing SMTP port 25